The Teacher

A Palestinian school teacher struggles to reconcile his risky commitment to political resistance with his emotional support for one of his students and the chance of a new relationship with a volunteer worker.

Sawsan Asfari Executive Producer & Producer

Sawsan Asfari is a British-Lebanese seasoned producer and executive producer. She is the founder of Cocoon films, a UK production company originally co-founded as Cactus World Films in 2007. She is also a partner in the production company Louverture Fi…

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Mohannad Malas Executive Producer

Mohannad Malas is a Lebanese-American real estate investor based in Irvine, CA. Mr. Malas supports education, innovation, and film making. He serves on the Board of Trustees of Claremont Graduate University (CGU), and on the Board of Trustees of the Un…

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Ossama Bawardi Producer

Ossama Bawardi is an Oscar-nominated independent producer working in Palestine and Jordan. Bawardi was involved in various productions including Salt of this Sea, Paradise Now and Waiting for Salah Al Din, before focusing his work more on producing. He…

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Gilles Porte Director of Photography

Gilles Porte is a seasoned Director of Photography with nearly fifty feature films under his belt. Filmmakers he has worked with include Mai Masri (3000 Nights), Jacques Audiard (Look at the Men Falling), Raoul Ruiz (3 Lives and Only One Death), Xavier…

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Alex Baranowski Composer

Alex Baranowski is a composer based in London. He recently scored the eight-part series Rain Dogs for Sid Gentle / HBO (releasing 2023) and his ballet Legacy Variations with choreographer David Dawson premiered at the Dutch National Ballet in December …

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Mike Pike Film Editor

After graduating in 2010 from the University for the Creative Arts, Surrey, Mike has worked for a variety of businesses, individuals, and brands across the globe. The breadth of his work is extensive: projects range from feature films, short films, pro…

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Imogen Poots Lisa

Born in London, Imogen’s breakout role came in Juan Carlos Fresnadillo’s 2007 thriller 28 Days Later. Most recently, Imogen has been seen starring in Zev Borow’s Outer Range for Amazon. Imogen splits her work between the UK and the US on both sta…

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Muhammad Abed ElRahman Adam

Muhammad is a 20-year-old Palestinian actor who directed and starred in his own short film Anas in 2020. In 2022, he starred alongside Saleh Bakri and Mahmoud Bakri in the film Alam which was directed by Firas Khoury.

Muhammad is currently study…

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Stanley Townsend Simon Cohen

Stanley is an accomplished and versatile actor from Ireland whose work spans film, television and theatre. Stanley started his career in Dublin with Rough Magic Theatre Company of which he is the co-founder and numerous shows for RTE. Stanley has worke…

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